Dessuro Home Renos/Contractor
Make your home meet your needs
  1. ​Real is an experienced handyman with a diverse set of skills that allow him to do every repair we have requested.  Examples  include electrical  fixtures, drywall, paint, mortar/rocks from your home exterior, door adjustments, windows cranks, the list of repairs that was done to our home seems endless. What we really appreciate about Réal is that will he do a great job, will go out and get the parts for a repair always saving me time. He is precise and thorough. For example, when we asked him to repair a stripped crank on a window that we could not close, he repaired this, then went through our home and oiled all cranks so they would work. He has skills that we don’t have and allows us to keep our home functioning. He is reliable, efficient and affordable. I highly recommend Réal.

    Dr. Mark Hawkins, Sharon Hawking

    Canmore, Ab